Motorsport - The ultimate proving ground

The fierce demand for performance and reliability within high level motorsport has inspired countless automotive and mobility innovations. Now is the time to focus that energy on developing sustainable mobility solutions.

Event Support

Delivering all aspects of race, performance and systems engineering both on-site and via our remote support capabilities

Hybrid Powertrains

Expertise in the technology most widely adopted across motorsport to deliver higher efficiency and influence automotive development


Applying experience from across the motorsport industry to exciting new projects making mobility and motorsport more sustainable

Remote Event Support

Many motorsport programs around the world are pushing to become more sustainable and more relevant to today’s world. However, it’s important that we don’t just focus on the construction and propulsion technology within the vehicles themselves.

The time is right to explore the ways in which the championships and teams themselves can become more environmentally friendly and cost effective. In doing so, they can become more attractive to green tech and other emerging sponsors.

Lead by a former F1 engineer with over a decade of track support experience, Timano Special Projects are at the forefront of bringing high quality, remote event support to teams around the world.

As well as offering assistance in all traditional engineering and operational roles, we are specialists in hybrid and EV powertrains. We provide support from a hand-picked network of highly experienced motorsport staff from F1, endurance and rally.

Projects & Partnerships

White Motorcycle Concepts


Project management and technical consultancy on future first-responder EV feasibility study supported by the Niche Vehicle Network.

World Rally Championship


Technical analysis and support for competitors and governing body regarding the complete hybrid system developed for the 2022 Rally1 era.

World Rallycross Championship


Technical analysis and support for all teams and governing body regarding the World Rallycross HV electric propulsion kit.

World Endurance Championship


Engineering consultancy to competitors regarding introduction of hybrid technology in 2023 LMDh category.

Services and Benefits

High Quality & Low Cost

Access top-level track support at a low price - no extra flights, accommodation or catering


Increase attractiveness to sponsors in the green sector by reducing the carbon footprint of racing programs


Improve on-track performance by increasing engineering and operational resources


Using bespoke software and race feeds to provide live timing and strategy guidance

Data Analysis

Live and post-session analysis via remote access to improve chassis, power unit and driver

Event Support

Ad hoc on-site event attendance on request to identify marginal gains and build working relationships


Guidance, consultancy and project development available between events to increase integration


Assistance with all aspects and disciplines of racing - engineering, operations, sporting


Bespoke packages to suit all levels and budgets, from world championships to club racing

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